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Dr. Lisa and Matthew Ancira

Being introduced to a Holistic Healer who integrates healing into everyday life can significantly shape your future wellness. Our holistic healing transforms daily living into a continuous journey focused on health and well-being, embodying a lifestyle rather than a mere practice. This approach fosters an ongoing pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement.  We have a lot of fun also.

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Let’s Keep It Real, there is a lot to know about us. Lisa knew what she wanted to do from an early age.  Matthew could not have dreamt up he would be doing what he does now.  As holistic healers we are settled into our roles in life and always looking for the next adventure. The love inside was always there from the beginning as it is in all people when they enter life. 

Today as we partake in supporting the world to grow in a healthy way as we continue to evolve. We love out community of amazing people from all over the United States and around the world.  Healing and holistic way covers it all, it just takes time. Let’s do it together. 

Holistic Healer Services

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We are the holisitc healer couple; Dr. Lisa DeFusco Ancira and Energy Healer Matthew Ancira located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

We love what we do! In joining our communty you will benifit from our authentic and holistic approach to solving complex health issues. We guide families and individuals achieve wholness of mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Lisa DeFusco-Ancira:

A wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, yogi, and so much more. She chooses to use her talents as a holistic healer and health coach simply for the love of children and her enormous heart. 

Dr. Lisa DeFusco-Ancira, a revered pediatrician, has dedicated two decades to championing the well-being of thousands of children and families. Early in her professional journey, Lisa was drawn to natural healing modalities. This inspiration led her to explore and master a myriad of practices ranging from Iyengar yoga, meditation, and breathwork to more intricate disciplines such as chi kung. Balancing her profound expertise in western medicine, she delved deep into the wisdom of eastern medicine, plant remedies, nutrition, herbal treatments, and essential oils.

Her commitment to holistic health stems not only from her academic pursuits and professional experiences but also from personal transformations. Through her own trials, she realized the paramount importance of nurturing one’s relationship with oneself and one’s partner as foundational pillars for a thriving family ecosystem. This realization was solidified further in her daily interactions with children and families, emphasizing the significance of integrating mind and body healing to lead a fulfilled life.

Blending her personal revelations with her vast medical knowledge, Dr. Ancira offers a unique approach to health and well-being. Drawing from traditional medicine, diverse healing modalities, and her genuine passion to help, she stands as a testament to the power of holistic healing. With her, individuals and families embark on a transformative journey towards harmonious health, ensuring that their wellness journey is tailored, profound, and all-encompassing.

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Matthew Ancira: Enter Eastern Holistic Healing

Matthew Ancira’s life has been a tapestry of experiences, spanning across various cultures and countries. From his early days as an entrepreneur managing multiple ventures to laying foundations for international projects, Matthew has uncovered profound spiritual insights. However, a shift in focus to address his personal health traumas marked the beginning of his transformative holistic healer training process. Under the mentorship of master teachers, he embraced age-old wisdom, leading him to share his accrued health knowledge, spiritual guidance, and healing energy with others today.

Matthew’s healing approach is multifaceted. He guides individuals through their mental, physical, and spiritual (energy blocked) health challenges, providing life force, knowledge, and strategies to alleviate pain and trauma. His methodologies emphasize proactive health measures, such as immune system bolstering, trauma resolution, and lifestyle enhancement tools. He brings forward past life experiences, native american, shamanic, and intuitive healing mixed with eastern healing experience and knowledge and the western ways for the modern world. It is not one things it is all things, it is truely holistic. 

By grounding stress and anxiety, he aids individuals in achieving optimal sleep patterns and restoring their vitality. Furthermore, he harnesses eastern bodywork treatments to enhance the endocrine system and organ health.

The depth of Matthew’s expertise springs from his rigorous training under two master instructors. Sifu Tommy introduced him to the world of static Chi Kung, forming a foundational understanding of healing energy. Meanwhile, Mr. Forest not only facilitated Matthew’s personal healing but also equipped him to extend that healing to others. With daily practices, Matthew continues to refine his craft. He immerses himself in a state of meditation, cultivates energy through Chi Kung, breathing exercises, and employs eastern medicine and neuromuscular sports injury massages to maintain his body’s alignment, ensuring he is consistently ready to assist those in search of an enriched quality of life.

Our true nature is to live in community and naturally heal with nature.

To help as many people holistically as possible we are growing our communities larger with like minded souls interested in living well and being healthy.  For the future of family wellness and for all people. If this sounds like you feel free to join our newsletter. 

Holistic Healers

“Matthew and Lisa have so much to offer through their work. Just through one group meditation on emotions, I was able to leap frog months, if not years of work dealing with my anger and other emotions. Matthew, through his body and energy work, also did more for me in one session unlocking my tight calves than weeks of physical therapy had been able to accomplish. Matthew and Lisa are personable and really care about the people they treat and work with. I can’t recommend trying Higher Purpose enough, especially if you’ve hit a dead end with conventional methods of emotional and physical healing (they are related!).”

-Pam Russell

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