Holistic Concierge Services New Orleans, Louisiana

Holistic Concierge Health Services

New Orleans, Louisiana ⚜️

Concierge Health Services NOLA ⚜️ Specialized Health Solutions For Locals in New Orleans

Concierge Health Services NOLA ⚜️

Specialized Health Solutions For Locals in New Orleans – Strictly Outpatient


Concierge Health Services Specialization

To make work the systems of body is an art, as they are all interwoven and intricate. Clients often seek solutions in the following areas through our concierge services.


Nervous System Reset

The nervous system controls the muscular system. Pinched nerves to Parkinson’s, nerves are rulers of the heavenly body.


Lymph Drainage

Drainage can be accomplished yet true Lymph function is dependent on the edocrine system functioning to be maintained. Issues of edema and general swelling.


Body Function

Plantar faciiatis, frozen shoulder, knee problems, hip function, short leg, flexion, all can be solved.


Balance Issues

Vertigo, Vasovagal Syncope, Dural Tube inner ear problems, each affect the balance of the body and are interwoven into the circulation of the body and can be solved.


Dizziness and Vertigo

Balance and dizziness go together and can be solved. See balance issues. 


Open Your Circulation

Circulation is everything.  As space affords relaxation, flow of blood and energy allow pressures to normalize throught the systems of body.



Migraines, anxiety, and so many negative affects come from the nervous system not operating properly.  Reset your nervous system today.


Organ and Endocrine Health

The unseen causes the failing of true health. Slowly declining until the body begins to shut down.  Reignite both and you can return to health.  

Concierge Medicine NOLA Hands on Healing

Holistic Hands On Healing

Many lifetimes have been spent in the education and lineage of healing arts.  The healing practice comes from the ability to self generate energy.  This then allows the art of Quantum Kinesiology, Heaven and Earth and Vibratory to be used in conjunction with technique learned from the ancient Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Persian practices.

Concierge Health Services

All of the services listed are available to concierge clients.  Services also available include nutrition, diet, workout, sleep, and stretching.  As well an introduction to Yee Chuen Do Martial Arts.

Natural Medicine Is Not included in standard fee for any service or visits.

Natural Medicine

Shamanic healing services.  The vine of souls and other natural options to enlighten and expand the mind to resolve truamas.


Fifteen years of journey meditation therapy experience used to resolve and disperse the past to enter the growth phase of the mind for today.

Energy Building

Eastern Art of building the energy of the mind and body for longevity, function, and to be engaged as an exercise daily.

Best Concierge Health Services in NOLA ⚜️

For The Ultimate Hands On Holistic Healing.

 Life force is bestowed to elongate the allotted time. The purpose of life force is to extend the allocated time, recognizing it as the most valuable asset.

Private, Discreet, One On One Services In New Orleans.

True Healing Done Holistically Is Art, Requiring Many Lifetimes Of Knowledge And Experience as the human form is the highest expression of art when it is free.

Hands on Healing Concierge New Orleans

General Health

Your wellness can mean many things.  As all things originate in the mind, the body inherits the mirage and affects can delete function and limit longevity.  We look at all spokes in the wheel to make sure your are stable and moving in the correct direction.  Live again, feel again, and again enjoy what is yours. This beautiful life can return. 

Establishing the Relationship


Make Contact.

Fill Form Below For Discreet Inquiry To Request Service.


Initial Call. 

Determine Compatibility.  Make Payment. Submit Intake Form. NDA Signed If Required.


Initial Meeting.

Physcial In Person Meeting, Assessment, Establish Goals, Begin Service.


Services Scheduled

Coordinate Schedules, Establish Treatment Plan For Deisred Results.

“Having a session with Matthew is a life changing experience! I live in North Carolina and travel to New Orleans specifically to see him. I suffered an injury to my right shoulder in 2012. Have had five surgeries been in severe chronic pain ever since.

I have traveled the entire United States looking for help with Western Medicine and have gotten nowhere only worse. I thought I would try a session with Matthew and it is the most relief I had gotten in seven years! He is the real deal! I had only been sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night due to pain and I slept 6 hours after one treatment for the first time in years. Everytime I go I am amazed at the healing in my body and soul that takes place. Doctors have mostly written me off saying there is nothing they can do to help me. To anyone suffering from chronic pain and have not found help and answers don’t give up. Matthew is the healer you have been searching for.”

-Kimberly Paoletti

To say Matthew Ancira is a gifted healer would be an understatement. Matthew possesses a high degree of mastery and understanding of energy, which he uses in conjunction with his knowledge of the body and keen intuition to facilitate powerful healing, insight and relaxation for his clients. His compassionate and heart-centered energy can be palpably felt through each session.

I went to Matthew after experiencing a soccer injury, and I received far more healing than I would have ever imagined. I experienced immediate relief from a painful shoulder injury and also experienced a wonderful emotional release.  I highly recommend Matthew for any kind of physical, mental or emotional discomfort that you may be experiencing, as I’m sure he will be able to assist in the perfect way for you.

-Christi Cousin

Time doesn’t wait, and neither should you.

Whether you’re facing extreme challenges or just dealing with inconveniences, there are always solutions waiting to be discovered.

It’s time to think outside the box and find the cure you’ve been seeking. 

Your health is the key to unlocking all other aspects of your life.

Don’t delay; the time to take action is now.

Submit The Form Below To begin the booking process.

Let Us Discuss Scenario, Solutions, Time, Location, and Availability.

This service is available for out patient only. 

As a physician, I turn to Matthew to fill the gaps that modern medicine does not know how to address, and I try to implement what I learn from him into my practice. He is definitely a gifted healer who knows how to harness his own energy and relay that to others. He teaches his patients how to use our own mind/energy/power to heal ourselves. It’s awesome, I highly recommend Matthew.

-Mamina Turegano, MD

Concierge Services For Holistic Care

There are limited options in New Orleans for Holistic Health Care. We support the Remedy Room as one of our partners should you need IV therapy.

The Time For Care Is Not When You Are In Panic

Many people arrive at seeking help with the moment to do so is Urgent and often correct thinking is not used due to panic.  There is not time to research and determine the best modality or practitioner to connect with to solve the pressing or in some cases dire concern. 

Urgent Care NOLA | Healthcare Access with Urgent Care NOLA Services

Urgent Care NOLA provides medical attention in New Orleans. Urgent Care NOLA to offer accessible and efficient healthcare solutions, ensuring your well-being does not always answer what is wrong on a deeper level. With a focus on urgent care near you, services cater to the immediate medical symptom of the New Orleans community and not necessarily to the root issues. Experience, convenience and quality healthcare is hard to find.  At Urgent Care NOLA, when your health is an urgent concern, one only hopes to find the training required to solve problems and not just run tests.

Comprehensive Medical Support at LCMC – Your Health, LCMC, or the Louisiana Children’s Medical Center, plays a role in providing services as best as the training provided will allow.  Holistic medical care in New Orleans is best found at Higher Purpose Healing. Urgent Care NOLA collaborates with LCMC healthcare. The two entities offer similar services, aligned with LCMC’s desire to help the New Orleans community. The strength of this partnership as Urgent Care NOLA and LCMC join forces is to make the healthcare they provide an option for you.

Unveiling the Expertise of Pharmacists at Walgreens – A Healthcare Partner

Urgent Care NOLA collaborates with Walgreens, incorporating pharmacists into healthcare, unfortunately most often pills are not the answer to solving long term issues. At Urgent Care NOLA, the importance of accessible medication solutions, and our partnership with Walgreens ensures that you receive something versus nothing until you realize some medication temporarily may help. Pharmaceutical support in the proficiency of pharmacists at Walgreens, working hand-in-hand with Urgent Care NOLA to optimize your health outcomes is one route you can consider.

We hope to be uniting with Tulane: to elevate the Healthcare Standards in New Orleans

Urgent Care NOLA currently collaborates with Tulane, a prestigious institution contributing significantly to healthcare in New Orleans. The holistic services at Higher Purpose Healing are designed to complement the healthcare landscape, bringing together the expertise of Urgent Care NOLA and the esteemed Tulane University Medical Center. Or you can come directly to us.