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The Ultimate Delivery for Meditation in New Orleans and Beyond: A Journey Towards Inner Peace

Mindfulness: Meditation Courses and Classes in New Orleans

Our Meditation Center in New Orleans is a sanctuary for those seeking to explore the realms of mindfulness and inner tranquility. With seasoned instructor Matthew Ancira and a broad array of meditation learning in courses and classes, we cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. 

Types of Meditation Classes in NOLA

Other Top-Rated Types of Meditation Classes in New Orleans

1. Transcendental Meditation Classes:

Unveil a deeper connection to yourself through our Transcendental Meditation classes. This technique transcends the surface level of consciousness, bringing profound calmness and heightened awareness. This practice follows a mantra type approach and can be powerful. 

2. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Classes:

An MBSR program focuses on reducing stress through mindfulness techniques. Participants learn to manage anxiety, chronic pain, and enhance overall well-being.

3. Yoga and Meditation Fusion Classes:

Explore the synergy of yoga and meditation. These classes incorporate physical postures with deep meditation practices, nurturing both body and mind.

4. Corporate Meditation Programs:

Invest in the well-being of your employees with our customized corporate meditation programs. Improve productivity and create a harmonious workplace.

5. Guided Meditation Workshops:

Experience the power of guided imagery and mindfulness in our exclusive workshops, led by industry experts. 

What Makes Our Meditation Center in New Orleans Unique?

  • Expert Instructors: Our team consists of highly seasoned meditation teachers, providing personalized guidance and support.

  • Flexible Scheduling: We focus on where you are and what is challenging you, then we offer options to support your journey.  

  • Community Engagement: Engage with a like-minded community, fostering connections and personal growth.

  • Customized Programs: Tailor your meditation journey with courses that meet you where you are, catering to your individual needs and goals.

Meditation Center New Orleans

About Our

New Orleans⚜️

Meditation Center

We use meditation to further our minds, to build tools, and to listen.  We practice meditation therapy as a way of life with peak awareness reaching others to help them to see more possibilities.

What is Meditation?

Meditation can mean many things for different people and this is influenced by the needs of the individual.  With an experienced guide the individual seeking out meditation can have their needs met based on their goals.  The goals will change over time.  

More calm, a quieter mind, and the opportunity to cope with stress are some of the many possibilities resulting from meditation.  At the 10,000 foot view, Meditation is self hypnosis.

This is a basic explanation however not as basic to self guide into effective self hypnosis. To become aware takes practice and the process can seem as though it never ends.  The 5 senses are constantly overwhelmed and practice is needed to both calm the self senses and to learn how to read, notice, and decipher the many messages. Knowing what not to bother with and being distracted versus aware with discernment is a next level way to live.

Hypnotizing yourself can be a valuable skill, especially in a world filled with constant distractions clamoring for your attention. Life’s various entertainments often try to allure you into a form of romanticized hypnosis, enticing your attention and diluting your focus. So, what’s the solution?

Join us on a journey into the depths of your own mind to access the ancient wisdom that already resides within you. We extend an invitation for you to explore the world of meditation—an introductory path to self-healing and mental clarity. Feel free to sign up below to get started with our meditation services designed to guide you toward improved mental wellness. We offer a free guide for everyone.

“I am not sure one can express meditation experience in words.  Yet Matthew via words gave me some tools, ideas as to what to do and how and the rest was up to my inner doing.

In shamanic ceremonies a shaman acts as a guide for an inexperienced adept to not get lost.  I did not know that same applies to meditation, if the teacher does his work well, the student goes to that inner world fast.

One can meditate on his own and this can be reached perhaps after many trials but if the experienced teacher is near by-the help is tremendous.  This is exactly what I felt Matthew or his energy or the direction of his intention did to me and my meditation.   I was there but I was not there at the same time.  But precisely there is the direction and the place where I want to keep returning to and working on myself from.  Thank you, Matthew for showing this to me.”

-Marta Brik

Master Your Mind

Meditation Tools – Mindfulness Practices 

An opportunity that exists in all parts of life.

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“I was referred to Matthew by a trusted friend who is a strong healer in the wellness space. She mentioned Matthew paved the way for her.  

As an energy worker myself who works on people with various conditions and traumas my body takes quite a beating and I understand the importance of going to someone who is true and values you as an individual with integrity. Matthew is truly a powerful and special individual who honors his work. He is a breaker of chains to allow more change to occur in your life.

My session with Matthew was like an Ayahausca experience as he released blocks and stagnant energy from all the beating my body has taken. Matthew allowed me to regain strength once again to see things more clearly.

I am honored to be able to receive from Matthew and will continue to see him as he is a valued member of the community. He is exactly where he needs to be…in the heart of NOLA helping people to reach their higher purpose.

As a practitioner who values honesty, integrity, and authenticity Matthew is the guy to see.

Thank you brother and continue sharing your gifts and responsibility to the world!

Haux Haux 🙏🏽”

James Salazar

Sometimes the mind will not quiet down due to extreme anxiety.

This level of anxiety is often associated with being in the state of fight or flight.

If you find yourself in this situation other symptoms may be present such as heart palpitations or flutters of the heart from time to time or alot.

Meditation can serve to calm down the body and mind to better handle these situations however this often requires the longevity of practice to implement in the moment through muscle memory of the mind or quiet time to retreat and recover. It does not however solve the root issue. 

We need meditation to bridge the gap and to elevate our feeling and awareness to be in a state to thrive, function, or assess what is happening. 

It is recommended to receive a healing session that will reduce and eventually remove all together the symptoms and reality of living in a state of fight or flight.  This relief will then further your meditation practice and allow you better sleep and overall quality of life. 

The hands-on healing sessions also allow you to enter into a meditative state as you will be entering quantum.

Embracing Correct Thinking: A Journey to Self-Realization

In the dynamic landscape of life, there exists no unequivocal ‘wrong’ way. Rather, we find ourselves continually oscillating between action and inaction. As you embark on this journey of self-cultivation, a harmonized relationship with the world awaits. Here, in this space of understanding and alignment, you stand a chance to discover the true essence of ‘you,’ shedding layers of uncertainty to find a self that is more connected, more authentic, and perhaps, waiting to be found.

Course Outcome: Mastering Effective Mental Navigation through the Art of Mindful Meditation and Shamanic direction. 

Navigating Towards Serenity: Discover how to steer your mind towards a state of calm, where you can truly appreciate the beauty and richness of each moment. By slowing down, you cultivate a space where joy and contentment can flourish, allowing you to experience life more fully and vibrantly.

The Path of Action and Learning: Venturing down the path of ‘doing’ opens up a rich playground of learning and personal growth. It is a journey where each step is an opportunity to cultivate knowledge and wisdom, enabling you to foster a fertile ground for continued evolution.

Understanding the Mind: A Complex Seat of Consciousness

The mind, from which the adjective ‘mental’ is derived, serves as the epicenter of our thinking, imagining, and memory. It is the seat of our will and the faculty through which we perceive the world around us, encompassing our abilities to experience sensations, whether they be of pleasure or pain. It is in the mind that our beliefs take root, desires and intentions take shape.

The Dual Nature of an Uncultivated Mind: When not cultivated consciously, the mind can traverse two extreme pathways — it can either evolve into a garden blooming with beauty or devolve into a wilderness haunted by fear and uncertainty.

Understanding Meditation: Beyond a Practice, Towards a Lifestyle

Meditation, at its core, can be likened to a form of self-hypnosis, a journey inward to engage more deeply with one’s inner self. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that meditation is not a standalone solution but a pathway leading towards potential answers.

Reaping the Benefits through Application: The true power of meditation unveils itself when we take the insights and tranquility cultivated during the practice into our daily lives. By consciously applying the learnings derived from meditation, individuals can nurture a mind that radiates clarity and fosters a deeper understanding of various life phenomena.

Understanding the Dynamics of Mental States: A Guide to Growth and Adaptability

We are inherently receptive beings, constantly absorbing ideas, objects, and adopting varying states of being. This fluid nature of our consciousness can sometimes make us susceptible to external influences, allowing our moods and perspectives to be easily swayed.

To understand the mental states is a journey towards self-stability. It encourages a healthy relationship with the external world, fostering resilience and providing a compass to navigate the complex experiences and emotions we encounter daily.

The Power of Resilient Mental Spaces: Creating a resilient mental space serves as a sanctuary — a place of reference that remains unshaken amidst the chaos. It is a space forged through conscious effort and nurturing, allowing us to return to a state of equilibrium when faced with pressures and influences that attempt to sway our state of being.  We look to find Satori and leave behind the stresses that do not serve us.

Understanding the Interplay between Energy and Meditation: A Guide to Their Intersection

Meditation and energy, though distinct concepts, share a profound interconnectedness, influencing our well-being and the world around us in subtle yet significant ways.  The Mind serves as a potent generator of energy, with each thought emanating vibrational frequencies that can influence both our internal and external environments. When cultivated attentively through meditation, the mind can generate energy that is more focused, harmonious, and positively charged.

The Subtle Power of Stillness: Meditation brings forth stillness, allowing us to tap into energy that can be both restorative and transformative. It is within this stillness that we find a powerful tool for influencing our surroundings, reaching beyond the apparent boundaries of physical space.

Navigating the Mind: Finding Balance Amidst Overwhelming Thoughts

In instances where thoughts become overwhelmingly abundant to the point of disrupting sleep, it often signifies a mind that has lost its equilibrium, veering into a state of overload where the subconscious cannot settle.

Creating Space for Clarity: By allowing your mind to offload unnecessary burdens and declutter, you foster a mental environment where clarity can thrive. This nurturing space empowers you to differentiate between the thoughts that genuinely belong to you and those that are imposed or absorbed inadvertently from external sources.

Recognizing the State of a Hijacked Subconscious: When the subconscious mind is overridden by external influences or deep-seated anxieties, it can feel as if you are no longer steering your own ship. This condition is characterized by a mind bogged down with excessive thoughts, leading to an overwhelming state that beckons urgent attention and restoration.

Your body or subconscious is anchored in a pattern that keeps you stagnant with never ending cycles of repeated thoughts.  In the extreme case you are living in fight or flight mode.  Your body is in pain and your mind is distracted.  It is time to take back your home, self, and life.  

Sign up today and get started evolving the most important part of your life, your mind.  

As the mind heals the body will follow.  The change inside will emanate outwards and relations will adapt and life will become directed by your willingness to let go and let God.

What Can Meditation Be?

Meditation offers a pathway to inner tranquility, allowing individuals to navigate life’s challenges with greater clarity and resilience. Through focused awareness and deep breathing, meditation cultivates a mindful presence, bridging the gap between the mind and the present moment. As both a timeless practice and a modern remedy, it serves as a powerful tool in enhancing emotional well-being, reducing stress, and promoting a balanced life.

Thank You NOLA Meditation

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