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Our Nola health services provide answers to problems.  We are not here to sugar coat anything, it is rough out there and a lot of people are struggling.

As holistic healers we are forward thinking and optimistic, with first hand exposure to individuals, families, and the reality of society, and guess what, you do not have to struggle forever. Stop it.

As a parent if you want better for your family and are looking for answers and alternate solutions you are in the right place.

For everyday people, athletes, service providers, the young and the not young, we have solutions and answers for you. Although not everyone is on the journey to self improvement, for those in pain, there is still need for relief and we are able to help you when you are ready.

Solving pain, function, alignment, and autoimmune issues are some of the services we provide. Communication, relationship, and mental stability are at the top of the list for improvement for most of us.  

We meet you where you are and focus on what you need. No one is the same.  

Life is awesome even though no one said life was going to be easy.  A person can pretend for a long time.  When the sh*t hits the fan and everyone can see you except you, that is a great opportunity for a shift of self and an opportunity to improve your health.

You made it here, you are in the right place.  We have your health interests in mind. Ready to get relief?

“As a physician, I turn to Matthew to fill the gaps that modern medicine does not know how to address, and I try to implement what I learn from him into my practice. He is definitely a gifted healer who knows how to harness his own energy and relay that to others. I highly recommend Matthew and the Higher Purpose Healing center.”

– Mamina Turegano, MD

Helping all service providers, other healers, and those in need.

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Using our God given gifts we actionably live the healing path as our mission and work on this planet during this life.  We do not approach health casually, we take it as a life long study to be improved based on new circumstances as they are introduced.  At NOLA health services we provide from experience only.  We care and we deliver what we know.  If we do not know or we cannot help you with what we host in our tool kit, we will refer you or direct you to get help from a reputable quality source to resolve your issues.

Nothing is perfect.  We have to work at things to get better.  There is no magic pill.  There are no shortcuts.  There is money and there is health.  Health with money equals a fun life.  One without the other offers an opportunity to grow into finding what is missing.  Our budget for family health is first after the needed bills before luxury or entertainment, that is our choice.  All we have in life are choices, habits, opportunities, and learning  blended together resulting in a fun filled life of growth.

You are here to grow, learn, and improve, to solve something, to discover something, to be supported, to gain a rights of passage, to be acknowledged, to learn to love yourself enough to change for the better.  Either you do it or stay in the space you are likely not happy with now.  Being a victim sucks for you and everyone around you and most of the time the person has no idea what their current identity is. If you are here, now is a chance.  Tomorrow will be another chance.  If we are still here twenty years from now you may have the chance then. If not with fortune, someone else who can help you will be there for you. However, it is up to you, no one is coming to save you.

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We are an online school slowly letting the knowledge seep out to create a shift.  We share the knowledge, experience, and education that can help people in everyday life.  Depending on your needs we can offer solutions in person now or we can share actions to take to resolve day to day challenges.  Feel free to reach out to us with anything you wish to learn and if it is in our wheel house we can roll it out. 

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We help people heal by solving root issues and building strong relationship with the self.

As guides,  your growing to the best place possible is a joint effort. 

Together we can do this health thing! 

Helping all service providers, other healers, and those in need.

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