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Specialized Eastern Medicine

NOLA Massage Therapy

based in New Orleans ⚜️

A holistic and profound healing experience that combines eastern and western medicine.

Massage Therapy

Intuitive healing in New Orleans.  NOLA Massage Therapy is a full spectrum holisitc healing session.  It involves your communication and the unspoken communication your presence provides, that which your body shows, and the results are as rapid as your mind allows.

During your session you will keep your clothes on.  Very convenient for relaxing into the healing work that you will feel as soon as you enter the space. We make no promises and deliver more than expected. Your desire to heal is all that is required.  And if it is your deisre, feel open to reach out to us.

What Do Healing Sessions with Matthew Ancira Entail?

Each healing session with Matthew Ancira is uniquely tailored to address an individual’s needs, considering their history of trauma, accidents, surgeries, circulatory state, heart condition, mental state, and more. These sessions blend Eastern and Western medicine and knowledge to create a holistic healing experience.

Matthew acts as a conduit for healing, commanding “heaven and earth energy” to provide life force energy that results in a profound sense of renewal, change, and healing. 

The Western techniques applied during the sessions include neuromuscular sports injury massage and ancient Eastern hands-on healing methods that have been practiced for thousands of years, though not commonly taught publicly.

Even though Matthew is a reiki master and licensed massage therapist, this work goes beyond reiki and standard massage. Each session is an experience of deep healing, solving pains and blockages in the mind and body.

This work is soulful and targets the pains of the body.  

Occasionally, Matthew incorporates elements from his shamanic path, Native American practices, and his rich life experiences. These healing sessions are a unique blend of all these influences, creating a comprehensive and transformative healing journey.

Matthew is at his core is an intuitive healer. 


New Orleans (NOLA) Massage

Experience relief over and over again as you solve your life accumulations, one at a time.

New Orleans (NOLA) Massage Therapy offers results summarized in one word, benifical in every circumstance we can think of, yes every circumstance.


Eastern Bodywork Energy Healing =  Nola massage therapy at the core.

Experience the best massage therapy with solutions, results, and change for the better.

Don’t wait to feel better, book today to feel better tomorrow, get your answers now.


Eastern Bodywork New Orleans (NOLA) Massage is a healing session like no other.  Self generated energy – Life Force –  is provided to increase and improve your health. 

However there is logic and the physiology behind the order of things required to release, activate, and open your function and systems of body. In each Massage Therapy Session we release the Mind and the Body.

Your self care is a part of the process naturally that will assist or hinder the long term results. We can guide you to better care as required.  

The basis of the ability to provide healing is the use of Quantum Kinesiology.

Heaven and Earth technique and the vibratory tool of energy transference. 

New Orleans (NOLA) Massage Therapy 

Serving the greater New Orleans Area

New Orleans (NOLA) Massage Therapy

Our unique New Orleans (NOLA) Massage Therapy, utilizing Quantum Kinesiology, offers more than just relaxation. This holistic approach, deeply rooted in Eastern Energy Bodywork, not only alleviates pain and enhances mobility but also significantly boosts both physical and mental well-being. Distinguished from traditional practices like Reiki, our method involves a hands-on and energy-based technique that dynamically interacts with your body’s internal energies. We specialize in channeling energy internally and externally, promoting healing from within by opening the body’s systems. This advanced practice transcends conventional methods, offering a profound healing experience.

New Orleans (NOLA) Massage Therapist Skill Set

Matthew Ancira is our NOLA Massage Therapist. Matthew is leveraging Quantum Kinesiology, to deliver a unique healing experience. Rooted in Eastern Energy Bodywork, this approach not only eases pain and boosts mobility but also enhances overall well-being. Unlike traditional practices such as Reiki, which manipulates external energy, our technique focuses on the internal flow and filtration of energy, promoting deep healing from within. This hands-on, energy-centered method surpasses standard treatments, offering a comprehensive healing journey.

Why You Receive A Full Hour

Our unique approach to massage therapy at Nola Massage Therapy ensures that your session begins seamlessly without the need to undress, providing full privacy and maximizing your time with us. This method allows for an entire hour dedicated to therapeutic massage, offering you a direct path to relaxation and an efficient transition back to your day post-session. Our focus remains on delivering a comprehensive healing experience, making every moment of your therapy count.

Why is our massage therapy different?

In our massage therapy we fix the root issues by removing the pain, opening the blockages, aligning the body to allow the systems to work efficiently.  We specialize on the immune system process, circulation, and increasing function of the body.


Arrive five minutes before your scheduled time.

Dress comfortably in athletic shorts or pants.

This work does not require the removal of clothes.

Avoid buttons or zippers.

Drink plenty of water days before and after each session. Hydration helps the body to heal faster.

Bring your open mind, allow yourself to relax, and expect change for the better.


If you need to or can take a nap before bedtime, it is a good idea. Once you pass through a REM cycle (deep sleep), your body absorbs the energy and additional changes happen.

Give yourself time to rest and integrate the work before working out or doing too much strenuous activity, 24 hours is recommended.

It is recommended for severe neck conditions, three days without heavy lifting.

Wait at least twenty-four hours after your session to drink any alcohol and drink plenty of water.

For those with chronic issues, booking for the first time, consider scheduling a 1.5 or a 2 hour session.

 Cash or Check Price For Healing Session Massage by Time: 

1 Hour Healing Session Massage……………………………………..$175

1-1/2 Hour Healing Session Massage……………………………..$250

2 Hour Healing Session Massage……………………………………..$325

Cancelation Policy: Full session rate charged if 48-hour notice is not provided


*After submitting the above booking form

go to your email and search for healingteam@higherpurposehealing.com”

 where all the info you need will be waiting.


Located in Uptown New Orleans, NOLA Massage Therapy services are in the same neighborhood as Touro hospital.

On the corner of Amelia and Coliseum there is a pink building with parking in front. You will see signs for Higher Purpose Healing as markers you are looking at the correct location.

When the parking lot is full is fairly easy to find in the neighborhood. Our location is in a medical area of town blended with residential housing.

We are located between Prytania and Magazine street both each two blocks away from Amelia.  We are also located between Louisiana Avenue and Napolean Avenue, closer to Lousiana avenue.



Esthetician Review of NOLA Massage

“Matthew is an incredibly gifted healer, intuitive, & bodyworker. A session with with him is the complete reset that you truly never knew you needed. His ability to pinpoint exactly what your body needs and (most importantly) why, is undeniably impressive. Absolutely no sugar coating involved, and I love that about him. He is refreshing & honest, something I think we all need a little more of in our lives. If you have an opportunity to work with Matthew I highly encourage you to do so, it is absolutely altering in all the best ways – he is a master of his craft.”

-Nurdan Buist

Chiropractor Review of NOLA Massage

“I have been working with Matthew for a few months now, and making improvements mentally and physically with his work. Through my own training as a chiropractor, I can say with confidence, that Matthew has an in-depth understanding of how the muscles, fascia, nervous system and emotions all work as one. Digging deep into the root causes of pain and inflammation should be everyone’s main goal in healing. Pick Matt as part of your tools for recovery and optimizing your health!”

-Ryan Goris

Endocrine and Organ Health Regeneration

What you cannot see is the most important.  For longevity and a strong immune system this service is life giving.

Chronic Pain Relief

Solve chronic pain and get relief from arthritis and other inconveniences removing pain from the body.

Sleep Issues Resolved

We can help.  Not sleeping cause many issues that accumulate. All issues in the body and mind have answers.

High Anxiety, Bye Bye

Recieve a nervous system reset. Get out fight or flight so you can finally relax.  

The best nola therapist in town.
Best Nola Energy Healing
NOLA Relaxation Location

Massage Healing sessions can be booked to solve your obstacles with accuracy 95% of the time.  Nothing is perfect, however we aim for the best results to serve you. It is hands on healing and massive energy. It is knowledge and experience.  Your release, relief, and relaxation are the results we achieve.

Energy Healing

Available in the heart of New Orleans, energy healing here emerges as a transformative force, intertwining with the city’s rich spiritual tapestry. Many seek this powerful practice, finding it as the vibration of restoration in the Crescent City.

NOLA Massage

Nola Massage Therapy: Your Personal Escape in New Orleans

Discover Pure Bliss and Invigoration

Hidden amidst the vibrant alleys of New Orleans is Nola Therapy, the sanctuary you’ve been seeking. Every massage session here is more than just a treatment; it’s an invitation to unparalleled relief and rejuvenation tailored just for you.

Dive Deep into Restorative Techniques

Feel the world melt away as our expert therapists use signature techniques to untangle knots, soothe aching muscles, and revitalize tired minds.

Deep Tissue Nola Massage Therapy: Unravel & Unwind

Imagine the sensation of built-up tension simply dissolving beneath the skilled hands of our therapists. Our deep tissue technique is a remedy for chronic stress and muscle tightness.

Aromatherapy: A Journey for the Senses

Engulf your senses in a world of aromatic bliss. Each scent is handpicked to uplift, relax, and transport you to a realm of serenity.

Elevate Your Wellness Journey

Every massage is a unique blend of strokes tailored to your body’s needs. We don’t just offer massages; we curate experiences.

Reflexology: A Symphony of Balance

Experience the magic of targeted pressure on reflex points, harmonizing your body and spirit, and elevating your wellness journey to new heights.

Why Settle for Anything Less?

Nola Massage Therapy isn’t just a massage center; it’s a promise of unparalleled care, expertise, and attention to detail. From Swedish to Shiatsu, our range of services ensures your perfect escape awaits.

Personalized Sessions, Unmatched Care

Because you deserve more than a generic massage. Our therapists craft each session around you, ensuring every moment exceeds your expectations.

Unlock Serenity with Nola’s Finest

Elevate your well-being and bask in pure relaxation. Reserve your session at Nola Massage Therapy today and redefine what true relaxation means to you.

Best NOLA Massage

Unmatched Expertise with Nola Massage Therapy

The sanctuary is called Higher Purpose Healing aka Nola Massage. Our certified therapist, regarded as the crème de la crème of the city, has one mission: to rejuvenate you. Dive into the treatments that everyone in New Orleans is raving about, and understand why we’re often touted as the city’s best.

Your Ticket to Supreme Relaxation: Nola’s Signature Treatments

Why settle for any massage when you can indulge in the best? Our menu, from deep tissue to the sought-after prenatal massage, is curated for the discerning individual. Experience wellness like never before in the heart of New Orleans, and let our treatments convince you of our unmatched expertise.

Beyond Traditional: Thai Massages and Energy Healing

Curate your personal wellness journey with our diverse range of offerings. Whether it’s the rhythmic presses of a traditional Thai massage or the transformative energy healing sessions, at Nola Massage, your well-being is our masterpiece. 

Our renowned NOLA spiritual healers and neuromuscular therapists collaborate to elevate your experience, blending age-old techniques with modern knowledge.

French Quarter Elegance Meets Modern Comfort

Situated not far from the charm of the French Quarter, our spa is a fusion of old-world elegance and contemporary luxury. The ambience in the room is energy expansive. However, if you seek relaxation within your own space, our mobile services ensure that premium comfort reaches your doorstep. Be it in our spa or your home, luxury is a guarantee. For outpatient services massages are available at double the rate due to travel time.  

Choose Excellence, Choose Nola Massage Therapy

From reflexology experts to seasoned masseurs, our team is a harmonious blend of New Orleans’ finest. Every session is tailored, every technique perfected to your needs. When seeking the pinnacle of relaxation and rejuvenation, the choice is clear – Nola Massage. Join us, and let each session be a testament to our promise of unparalleled excellence.

We do provide geriatric massage, nola sports massage, couples massage nola, just one at a time, the best full body massage in new orleans, lymphatic drainage massage, and specialized foot massage. 

Life Force Energy

Life Force is what keeps us alive.  This  is what is provided to you to heal.

NOLA Bliss Massage
Self Care

The most valuable care that can be performed is self care.  Self love is easily one of the most challenging things a person can engage in to better understand life.  Loving is an action.  Self care is an action even if only in the mind.  

Massage is an excellent way to express both self love and care for the mind and body.  Treat yourself today to one more step in the right direction.  

Massage Curious

What makes the Hot Stone Massage New Orleans talks about so special?

Our Hot Stone New Orleans Massage therapy experience is second to none. We utilize perfectly heated hands, combined with the expertise of our therapy, to offer deep relaxation. This massage technique, especially popular in New Orleans, ensures that both mind and body find solace. We actually generate heat with our hands as well and this is used in place of hot stone therapy most times.  

Who is the “Massage Mechanic”, and what services do they offer?

The “Massage Mechanic” is our client, well-versed in deep tissue and therapeutic massage techniques. Ideal for those with persistent aches and pains, our Massage Mechanic offers bodywork in NOLA. Ted is a friend and good guy. 

“I am a fellow bodyworker and I have to say that this gentleman knows his stuff. By a simple gander at my posture, he implemented a plan to work target hotspots that unlocked areas of restriction and pain within my body. He also gave me a few helpful tips I can use day to day. I feel relaxed, pain free, and just want to sleep and let my body recover. Thanks brother.”  -Ted Wheelock

What day spas New Orleans offers can be compared to your Massage?

While there are several day spas New Orleans boasts of,  our Eastern Bodywork stands out as the premier NOLA massage therapy. Often hailed as one of the best day spas in New Orleans, our establishment guarantees a tranquil escape.

Can you tell me about the Blue Cliff Massage School New Orleans and its association with you?

Blue Cliff Massage School New Orleans is an esteemed institution training the next generation of massage therapists. While we operate independently, we know other therapists who are alumni of Blue Cliff Massage School New Orleans. Our therapists here have learned outside of school the knowledge that exceeds the average schooling.  We did not attend Blue Cliff Massage for licensing.  

What sets Nola Bliss Massage in New Orleans LA apart similar to other massage services?

Nola Bliss Massage New Orleans LA uses techniques like Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy, Prenatal Massage, Couples Massage, Event Chair Massage, by a therapist. Nola Bliss Massage has relaxation and rejuvenation at heart. When considering a massage in New Orleans, visit us here. 

I’ve heard of Nola Massage Seminyak and Nola Massage Garage. Are they affiliated?

While Nola Massage Seminyak offers a unique blend of Balinese techniques in a serene setting, Nola Massage Garage focuses on more urban and contemporary therapies, however neither are affiliated.. Both are under the same approach to relaxation as Nola Bliss Massage, focused on ensuring relaxing service across all locations.

Are the Massage Advantage New Orleans reviews reflective of the services at Nola Bliss Massage?

No idea.  While Nola Bliss Massage and Massage Advantage New Orleans are different entities, we like to believe they uphold a high standard. Many of our clients have mentioned in their reviews the unparalleled experience they’ve had at Higher Purpose Healing, however we are not sure about Nola Bliss Massage. Our reviews are from clients first hand only.  

 How does Wobbe Massage New Orleans LA differentiate from your offerings?

Wobbe Massage New Orleans LA has its unique techniques and offerings. At Higher Purpose Healing versus Nola Bliss Massage, we pride ourselves on a comprehensive range of services, including the coveted Couples Massage Therapy New Orleans residents rave about, ensuring a tailored experience for each client.  We work with couples here at higher purpose healing to provide knowledge to keep them healthy.  

Why are Couples Massage Therapy Sessions in New Orleans recommended at various massage locations?

No idea. However , our Couples Massage Therapy New Orleans sessions provide a bonding experience, making it a favorite among couples seeking to connect and increasing longevity together. We only offer one person sessions at a time unless we are training a couple to help  each other, only long term relationships.  

Do you offer specialized services for male clientele?

We offer the same services for all people.  Often men have erectile dysfunction or bladder issues and we can help them to bring these functions back to normal.  Every client, regardless of gender, finds a personalized and relaxing experience.  All clients keep their clothes on during the healing session so it is comfortable for males to receive solutions to their pain and discomfort.  No funny stuff welcome. 

Best Massage Therapy in New Orleans

Many options exist to recieve a massage.  To receive a healing is another thing.

Our healing massage service is delievered with grace. 

You will be welcomed into a peaceful space proivded by a native New Orlenian who’s vibe via lineage is rooted in Louisiana since before the 1860’s.

A traiteur, and so much more. 

We all need help to heal as the journey is long. 

Answers can be found inside. 

We welcome you to explore. 


Higher Purpose Healing®