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Reiki Healing New Orleans: A form of alternative therapy often referred to as energy healing. Originating in Japan, Reiki involves the practitioner using hands-on or hands-off techniques, channeling the universal energy (sometimes referred to as “life force energy”) to promote healing and balance in the body, mind, and spirit. The practice is rooted in the belief that unseen life force energy flows through us, and if this energy is low or obstructed, individuals are more likely to feel stressed or ill.

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Different Uses of Reiki:

Stress Reduction and Relaxation: Reiki promotes a sense of relaxation and well-being, helping to reduce stress. It’s often used to create a calming effect on the mind, enhancing mental clarity and focus.

Chronic Pain Management: By promoting energy balance, Reiki can alleviate chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, headaches, and back pain. It aids in relaxation of the muscles and reduction of inflammation.

Emotional Healing: Reiki is believed to help in healing emotional wounds and assisting in coping with emotional challenges such as anxiety, depression, and grief. It can bring emotional balance and foster a greater sense of peace.

Complementary Treatment in Medical Care: Reiki is often used as a complementary therapy alongside traditional medical treatments. For instance, it may be used to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, improve recovery after surgery, or support mental health therapy.

Spiritual Growth and Self-awareness: Many individuals engage in Reiki for spiritual growth and self-awareness. It can enhance personal insight and connection with one’s inner self, supporting a journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

NOLA Reiki
Reiki NOLA

The Authentic Nola Healing Reiki Approach

We at Nola Reiki pride ourselves in offering authentic and deeply transformative Reiki sessions. Our practitioners are certified and skilled, possessing an in-depth knowledge of the intricate energy systems of the body. Each session is tailored to the individual, ensuring a personalized and profound experience.

Reiki vs. Rekii which is the correct spelling?   

Reiki is the correct spelling for the energy art of connecting with the person who is in need of a tune up.  

New Orleans Reiki
Reiki New Orleans

New Orleans Reiki A Spiritual Path Of Energy

Spiritual Reiki is a profound practice that transcends mere physical healing, reaching into the very essence of the soul. It’s rooted in the belief that our spiritual well-being is intricately connected to our overall health and happiness.

Through Spiritual Reiki, practitioners channel universal life force energy to not only align the body and mind but also to harmonize the spirit. This spiritual aspect of Reiki encourages self-discovery, inner peace, and connection to a higher purpose or consciousness.

It can be a transformative experience for those seeking deeper spiritual understanding, providing tools for personal growth, heightened intuition, and a more meaningful connection to oneself and the universe.

By nurturing the spiritual dimension, Reiki offers a path toward enlightenment and a fuller, more balanced life.

"The universe sends to earth energy as the earth releases energy to heal."

Natural Healer

"The open mind provides the opportunity and the practice provides the experience."

Mental Capcity

"Wisdom sees the experience as the opportunity to promote energy through the mind."


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Reiki NOLA

Beyond Reiki is Heaven and Earth

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Embark on Your Reiki Journey with Nola Reiki

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, the diverse and rich offerings of Nola Reiki are designed to provide transformative experiences. We invite you to delve into the world of Reiki with us, explore the nuances of energy healing, and experience firsthand the magic that is Nola Reiki. Join us and let the journey of rejuvenation, balance, and holistic well-being begin.


To Clean the Energy

To bathe in energy is an experience to be relished.  Quantum healing exeeds Reiki and will heal the body.

Reiki is more than just energy healing; it’s a journey of self-discovery, balance, and alignment. As the leading hub of Reiki in New Orleans, we are committed to fostering an environment that empowers our clients.

Every Reiki session is not just a service; it’s a testament to our dedication to well-being, transformation, and genuine energy alignment.

New orleans reiki healing eyes

Energy Eyes

The energy of the eyes is trapped in the energy of the body.

The eyes being windows to the soul when dim, seek an energy healer to open the flow to let your soul free and tolive again. 

Intuitive Healing: Our practitioners, well-versed in the traditional Reiki techniques, also incorporate the unique rhythm and spirit of New Orleans, providing an intuitive healing journey that resonates deeply.

Diverse Offerings: From individual sessions, group healing, workshops, and training, Nola Reiki provides a comprehensive suite of services to cater to both novices and seasoned Reiki enthusiasts.

Healing with Reiki in new orleans

Diet Citrus Reiki

Orange, lemon, and lime beofre or after reiki time.

Holistic Wellness: Nola Reiki believes in holistic wellness. We integrate other therapeutic techniques to amplify the benefits of our Reiki sessions, ensuring physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Healing Experience

Nola Reiki: The Ultimate Energy Healing Experience

Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing technique, has seen a surge in popularity and appreciation in the heart of New Orleans. For those seeking balance, healing, and rejuvenation, Nola Reiki offers unparalleled experiences that not only align your energy but also integrate the vibrant spirit of New Orleans into each session.

Reiki Nola Thank You

Thank you to the NOLA reiki community; The Handlebarred Healer, Iridescence Healing, Oakheart Wellness, Nola Yoga Loft, Jess Tregle, Readings by vanessa, Theratique, SEER Energetics with Gahiji Akil, NOLA Hypnosis & Reiki, Bodhisattva Tea Spa – Wellness Center,  Thriving Wellness Reiki.

Reiki and Beyond

Also a reiki master I have mastered other levels of energy transference, generation, and ability to heal using heaven and earth energy. 

Reiki is external energy moving external energy.  

Heaven and Earth energy used in our healing sessions is internal generated and felt internally.

This method is highly effective and the results speak for itself. 

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