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Ultimate Human Health NOLA

Ultimate Human Health NOLA

I have to admit, from my time living in Brasil, I love a good Açaí bowl. 

Let’s discover the pinnacle of well-being with Ultimate Human Health here in NOLA! Holistic health is a symphony of interconnected factors, where each element plays its part. While nutrition is a foundational cornerstone, it’s just one piece of the larger health mosaic. Indeed, the mind holds paramount importance, orchestrating the body’s responses. As nutrition nurtures the mind, the mind, in turn, guides the body. So, where should your journey to optimal health commence?

Ultimate Human Health NOLA

A Bit About And Insights From Matthew:

Having ventured down countless paths, both on an international scale and within the United States, in my quest for knowledge, health, wisdom, and healing there is much to share. My journey wasn’t a casual one by any means. Over the span of a couple decades, I’ve invested a substantial sum, easily exceeding $300,000, in my pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. It’s been a wholehearted commitment!

Three transformative experiences amongst the thousands have profoundly impacted me. Keep in mind that one of these three can suit anyone, one of these can suit the majority, and the medicinal one is certainly not for everyone and requires a lot of knowledge, preparation, and consideration of which 90%+ of the world does NOT provide. So then read yet do not take flight on my words alone. 

Chi Kung, Ayahuasca, and Eastern Bodywork are the three. However, I must emphasize that delving into these subjects requires thorough understanding and careful consideration before engaging in them. I possess a wealth of knowledge to be explored about each of these three areas of life.

Knowledge is the key to understanding, and experience plays a pivotal role in acquiring that knowledge, however someone can do the wrong thing forever and think it is right.

Unlike merely reading or theorizing, my knowledge is deeply rooted in firsthand, experiential learning that has been hard-earned and deeply excavated, taught and churned. And it never ends.

These are some of the endeavors that have shaped my perspective in countless ways.

The gym, snowboarding, motocross, tai chi, meditation, yoga, reiki, general physical fitness, martial arts, swimming, bodyweight exercises, acupuncture, focused breathing, massage therapy, rolfing, engaging in psychic readings, past life regressions, consulting tarot cards, hiking, mountain climbing, skydiving, scuba diving, boating, piloting airplanes, living internationally, surfing, skiing, off-roading, camping, fishing, sweat lodges, vision quests, leadership workshops, camps, ceremonies, the shamanic path, and a plethora of other adventures have enriched my life and broadened my experiences. 

Countless stories, countless remarkable moments, and an ongoing journey that continues to unfold. I embrace life with excitement, having already lived through multiple lifetimes within this one existence.

I’m passionate about exploring new places, cherishing my family, and constantly seeking knowledge while welcoming challenges with grace and open arms. Boredom seldom finds a place in my life, and in moments of apparent failure, I view them as valuable lessons. With each stumble, I rise stronger, always driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, which I tirelessly pursue every day. Hell I was broken early, middle and late and I am still here and I am not broken at all.

So what did I learn?  

True human health emanates from the depths of the mind. The minds need to acknowledge that the body may sometimes require assistance is a phenomena to many.  Even with diligent care and optimal nutrition, life’s unpredictabilities such as injuries, accidents, and traumas occur.

It is not a matter of if, rather when.  Nonetheless, it’s essential to recognize that the mind plays the most crucial role in the healing process. Traumas re-live themselves in the mind through triggers, dreams, and in the fabric of the subconscious.  Therefore the release is far deeper than realized.  That is only if the individual wishes for those faculties back that have been affected or burdened to be healed does this matter. 

Most people wish for healing.  Others will go hard and fast and hide it in the body and live with the pains.  There is nothing wrong with this given free will.  However your family suffers and those around you do. This is a touchy subject for most and I am proud to have weathered the storm as well.


I must mention the significance of meditation early on as a mechanism to train my mind.  This must not be passed up.  All will arrive here if on the path at some point.


Then comes the next level of healing.  Your chosen partner.  I hope you get what you need and not what you want for this is the opportunity to find the depths of yourself and what the thing called love means. 

The unwavering support of my wife and the journey in raising kids will pull out all the stops and force you to deal and look or recoil into sadness and separation.  We are solid even when we waver in our understanding and learning to be the one as three or in our case five.


Communication reigns supreme in the realm of relationships, serving as both king and queen. The pivotal role of an interpreter falls upon each of us, shaping how communication is received or overlooked through our unique filters. The art of enhancing our daily communication is an ongoing endeavor that demands dedication and effort. It’s a continuous process.

Nurturing healthy relationships with the ones you cherish and share your life with is the cornerstone of savoring the precious moments. This is the pinnacle of human well-being.  To do this learning to be in the present is everything in that goal. Out of the mind and into full awareness.

This is the ultimate human health in action. 

No matter how far away you may think you are or how unreachable it may seem, it is possible to achieve your goals.  You become hungry for more, it becomes a healthy addiction.  Eventually it weeds out all of the addictions that keep you from the best parts of your life.  

I understand addiction intimately, from personal experience, professional knowledge, and the challenges posed by past unhealthy relationships. Dealing with addiction is undeniably tough, but it can be overcome and put to rest.  More so it becomes your teacher.  Addictions come in all forms and they become desires. Conquering desires does not mean denying them.  It means they do not rule you, your demons are on notice that they are not needed at this time.  And we live a life whereas it stays that way. 

When addictions are addressed and eliminated from your life, the quality of your sleep can significantly improve.  Quality sleep is paramount for overall health. Achieving restful, uninterrupted sleep and waking up feeling refreshed is a cornerstone of optimal human well-being.


The ultimate state of human well-being is when every day brings a sense of contentment and ease, as you go with the flow of life, embracing both its challenges and joys with confidence and openness. Achieving this state involves having faith in yourself, trusting in the process, and accepting life’s changes, leading to a deep sense of fulfillment and understanding. Carving your path is inevitable however there is a purpose for all things.

Patience, the ability to wait, listen, and perceive the greater order that life unfolds, leads to the ultimate path to human well-being. This may be one of the hardest ones as there is fate and there is destiny. 

Enduring challenges, setbacks, and adversities, persisting despite all odds, and continuing to move forward in the face of hardship and adversity is an act of courage and a true expression of self-love. It is a testament to your inherent worth, not defined by any external circumstances or past experiences, even when confronted with the most difficult and painful aspects of life.

In challenging times and in the aftermath of difficult experiences, the human mind tends to generate thoughts and ideas, perpetuating a cycle of creative thinking in various directions, whether they are positive or negative in nature. This becomes the prison of the untrained mind.

Achieving ultimate human health involves mastering your thoughts and directing your mind towards nurturing, positive, and uplifting thoughts. By filling your inner space with the harmonious and inspiring whispers that enable you to perceive and radiate inner beauty, you can truly embody and radiate a sense of love and well-being.

The Collective

And so it was, the culmination of countless individuals, various people, diverse experiences, and unwavering effort. It wasn’t just one thing or a single moment, but the combination of all these elements that brought me to this point. Yet, it was the desire, the attitude, and the relentless effort that served as the driving force behind finding answers that led to my now amazing life. When the student is ready the teacher appears and this is in fact how two of the three most impactful educations in my life to date arrived. The result, as they say, is history in the making.

I am grateful for all my successes and failures thus far as it has molded who I am today. This man has a long way to go. May I see you along the path and may we meet with grace. 

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We have relentlessly honed our minds and remain committed to this journey. The depths of our psyche are profound, shaped by both individual experiences and the collective consciousness. Yet, there exists a method to refine one’s mental landscape, anchor oneself, and foster profound connections with others.


The body is a reflection of the subconscious, a reservoir of unresolved emotions and memories. It houses vital organs, the endocrine system, the immune system, and much more. Fortunately, there exists a natural method to rejuvenate and recalibrate these systems. We have the knowledge. Explore the healing process, take advantage of the knowledge and experience waiting for you to feel better. 


Our resident MD, doubling as a nutrition coach, elevates the understanding of holistic health. Dr. Lisa guides families towards elevated well-being by imparting essential knowledge about healthy eating for both the body and mind. Understanding the challenges of parenting, Dr. Lisa stands as the beacon of expertise, compassion, and genuineness that every parent seeks.  Explore the opportunity to join a Parent’s First Family Health Membership. 

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